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2018 Topps Finest - The Card Swap Experience

On Wednesday, we did our third 2018 Topps Finest break. There were already two "Grade The Break" write-ups about the other two (First one - Second one), and aside from a future mixer, I'd say we are done with Topps Finest. This was one of my favorite sets to open this year. The second Finest break got an A grade and would have been hard to top. The first break was only one master box. The other two breaks were two master boxes.

*** The third break was very solid, especially for the Cardinals and Phillies. We pulled 2 different Harrison Bader and a Sandy Alcantara auto (also pulled a Bader and Alcantara in previous breaks). Overall the second break would definitely been in the B range. Here are some of the highlights:

JP Crawford RC Auto Blue Refractor /150

Cal Ripken Finest Careers /50

Ryan Braun Red Refractor 1/5

*** I love the "glassy" look of the Finest base! It can be a challenge for keeping in good condition, but the finish gives these cards a very high end look and feel. I am actually surprised that these don't hold value better.

*** Overall, I was expecting more numbered and colored cards from Finest. In the first break, we didn't get much for numbered cards. A Francisco Mejia Blue RC was the highlight. Break two had a Chance Sisco Green Rc Auto /99. Some other numbered cards included Joey Gallo and Encarnacion.

*** Here are a few highlights from previous breaks:

*** If the team distribution was a little more equal, I would call this product the perfect product to break. Even though the breaks go really fast, It's a great assortment and a beautiful card. The value of these boxes doesn't seem to hold up if doing it as a personal break. But breaking this up and taking a shot on your team is perfect for this product and the pricing configuration.

*** I am not a fan of making key rookies short print or super short print. Finest did it Frazier and Albies. It would have been nice to pull one of those. I don't mind doing a short print variation of some sort, but rookies should be for everyone!

*** Aside from the SP rookies, we hit most of the other rookies. Each break gave us at least one Shohei Ohtani Rookie. We got a lot of Rhys Hoskins and his inserts.

*** Here is just a quick look at some of the other autos and nice inserts. Refractors don't really show any different unless the lighting is messed with so I'll keep it the obvious ones:

I would definitely do more Topps Finest again, especially if the price keeps dropping. They are some of the nicest cards to come out this year and the parallels and inserts matched the level of the base cards. This was really fun to open and it's always fun to see the different colors and numbers that can be gotten in Finest. MY favorite was the Green Wave Refractor, amazing. The rookies always look sharp in Finest, and I try to PC the main rookies of the year in Topps Finest. It's a shame there are no variations to chase, but that's being nit-picky. I think a solid B for Topps Finest is not only fair, but a pretty good grade considering some of the other bad experiences people are having opening products this year.


That's all I got for now about Topps Finest. I wanted to get this write up done sooner, but getting ready for Chrome has been keeping me busy. I love it. It's really exciting to have the Jumbo boxes coming in just a couple of days! There are two breaks posted if you are interested in jumping in a Topps Chrome Break. I am doing a one box jumbo and a two box jumbo break. Check out the Upcoming Break page for more information. Going to start doing CHANCE SPOTS for the high demand teams. Yankees, Braves, and Angels will be chance spots. Cheap spots at a chance to get a really hot team in a break. 15 spots will be sold and there will be a drawing done to see who gets the team. Only downside is if you don't win the team, no other team is given. There is a consolation prize of a Break Point towards a $10 Break Credit. Ok Sorry for rambling, a lot to talk about. haha. Email me if you have any questions! - Aaron B

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