2018 Topps Finest - The Card Swap Experience

On Wednesday, we did our third 2018 Topps Finest break. There were already two "Grade The Break" write-ups about the other two (First one - Second one), and aside from a future mixer, I'd say we are done with Topps Finest. This was one of my favorite sets to open this year. The second Finest break got an A grade and would have been hard to top. The first break was only one master box. The other two breaks were two master boxes.

*** The third break was very solid, especially for the Cardinals and Phillies. We pulled 2 different Harrison Bader and a Sandy Alcantara auto (also pulled a Bader and Alcantara in previous breaks). Overall the second break would definitely been in the B range. Here are some of the highlights:

JP Crawford RC Auto Blue Refractor /150

Cal Ripken Finest Careers /50