Grade the Break - 2018 Unparalleled - Our 1st NFL Break

The Card Swap ripped open some Football boxes! Our first NFL break was two boxes of 2018 Unparalleled. This was exciting to rip a licensed non-Topps product. I was not let down with the quality of card because this set was beautiful and really popped for me! It kind of reminded me of High Tek in baseball, simply because of the different patterns to look for. I think it's cool how Panini puts the parallel name right on the back of the card for easy detection. You will see how lopsided the PROS v CONS list are below. This was a complete break in my opinion.


* Beautiful Card Design and Quality

* Top Rookies in NFL Uniforms

* Sharp Parallels, including #'s versions (Flight, Shine, Astral (/200), Superplaid (/150), Whirl (/100), Impact (/75), Hyper (/25), Fireworks (/5), Burst (1/1)

* High Quality Inserts - Bright Futures, High Flyers, Victorious, Star Factor Die Cut - features #'s versions as well

* Veteran/HOF Autos


* Team Distribution was off on some teams. No Giants rec'd was a huge disappointment

* That's all I got - these are awesome

I usually enjoy ripping Panini products, despite the lack of logos. They make a nice product and the cards are always fun to open. The Chronicles break was no different! It was really fun opening these and being surprised by the cards that we see coming from other sets. Really fun layout, and I wish there was more like this (though I understand it would defeat the purpose). Plus what always makes a good break, getting good cards! Which we did! Take a look at the highlights: