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Grade the Break - 2018 Bowman High Tek #1

"Bowman High Tek is so hot right now" and our break was no different. This was the Bowman version of High Tek (Topps version comes out soon). This one is the same High Tek design that they are known for, but with the focus on prospects and rookies. The Topps version still features rookies, but also add in stars and veterans. High Tek is know for the acetate see-through cards, with the different pattern parallels. The cards are beautiful in person.


* Prospects and Rookies

* High Quality Card and Design

* On-card autos

* Sharp Parallels featured lots of color and numbered cards


* Limited Inserts (could be a PRO to some collectors)

* Only 10 cards per box

* Card surface can scratch easily

I kept seeing all the nice hits coming out of Bowman High Tek. Had a few requests for it so I figured why not? I am so glad that I pulled the trigger on this because even though it was only 30 cards, it could have been the best break yet. I'll show you the pics as to why. Please keep in mind that these are tough to photograph because of the card material. I did the best I can but I did want to make sure that everyone knew that these cards look so much better in person. They all look like a Gold Variation in the picture because of the color of surface the card is on. Anyway, Let's see how we did...

Our Best Card 1A

Gleyber Torres Auto

Our Best Card 1B

Ronald Acuna Redemption Auto

Our Other Hits

Christian Pache Auto

MacKenzie Gore Red Orbit Auto 1/10

Adam Haseley Tidal of Youth Auto /75

Other hits include: Andres Gimenez, Mitchell White, Keston Hiura, and more!

Some of the color and numbered Highlights

Some of the Rookies we got

For what we opened, it's hard to imagine having a better break. Lots of nice autos going out to lots of different people. Lots of value in this products. Already have more on order to get another one of these going! Really felt good to pull monsters like the Acuna and Torres, and a Pache as well! Amazing luck in this one. Also making me look forward to the Topps High Tek as well. One of my top 5 sets each year. I think we can all agree on this grade!



Thanks to everyone that joined the break and congrats to those who hit nice one of the nicer cards in this break.

Three breaks currently planned. A baseball mixer, Bowman High Tek, and NFL Unparalleled Mixer. Check out whats coming up here.

Thanks for reading! - Aaron B

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