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Grade the Break - 2018 Mixer #3

The Mixers have been on FIRE! Mixer 3 delivered the biggest hit we have cracked open yet at the Card Swap. This mixer was a box of Topps Chrome Hobby, Bowman Chrome Hobby, Bowman Chrome HTA, and Heritage High Number. Each box was successful in it's own way. The Break included 9 hits when we were only expecting 8. Added bonus, our Heritage High number hit was an auto as well. Here are the highlights...

Our Best Card

MONSTER ALERT! Another major hit out of Chrome. The First Ohtani we pulled was a shocker! Congrats Drew!

Other Hit Highlights

Corey Kluber Auto from Heritage High Number

A redemption Joey Lucchesi out of Bowman Chrome

Alex Verdugo was our best hit out of the Bowman Chrome HTA Box.

Another surprise was this Ichiro Rookie Debut Medallion out of the Topps Chrome

Lucroy Action Variation out of Heritage High Number

Obviously the Ohtani was the whale from this break. Everyone really enjoyed seeing that get pulled. The rest of the break was a lot of fun, the buzz of the Ohtani carried the whole break. There is only one grade for this. Even if it was just one card.



Thanks everyone for joining and making this another successful Mixer. My goal will always be to have one up because right now it's perfect in between major releases.

Lots of breaks are planned. Including Mixer #5, Pre-Sale of Triple Threads, NFL Luminance, and National Treasures. Check everything that's coming up here.

Thanks for reading! - Aaron B

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