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Break Recap - Mixer #6 - 10/18/18

Let the Mixers keep rolling! This was Mixer #6 and featured a Topps Chrome Jumbo box, Bowman High Tek, Topps Gold Label, and a box of Inception, to change it up a bit. This break featured 11 autos, one of which is a gold framed auto from Topps Gold Label. Chrome featured 5 autos and Bowman High Tek has 5. We had some really nice stuff in this one. Some teams didn't get much and will be issued some extra break points. Let's get to the highlights...

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This was a very solid break with two redemptions and a really nice Gold Label Auto. We hit a couple other numbered refractor rookie autos which is always a huge plus. This is first time we pulled the Ohtani out of High Tek. I apologize for the coloring of the High Tek cards. They are see-thru and against the wood background, they all look gold.



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