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Break Recap - Gold Label #2 - 11/1/18

Our Second Gold Label break was on Thursday night. We broke 5 boxes of Gold Label just like the first one. This break didn't deliver quite like the other. There was another big Dodger hit. Verdugo cards just keep coming! When breaking Gold Label, we are obviously looking for the Gold Framed Autos, but also the parallels and numbered cards a lot of fun to get. We got two sweet numbered Ted Williams cards. Gold Label is still one of my favorite products to break. I love the different classes and the parallels are a lot of fun.

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We got some solid hits out of Gold Label this time around. The Verdugo auto being the highlight, the Happ and Nola numbered autos were sharp as well. 3 of the 5 framed autos and that definitely bumped our grade up a bit. Only one Ohtani and it was his Class 1, with him hitting in the background image. Thanks for reading another recap! Lots of breaks coming up and I can't wait to show off what we get!



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Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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