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Break Recap - Topps High Tek/Bowman High Tek Division Break - 11/8/18

The first of two break on Thursday started with another division break. We broke 2 boxes each of Topps High Tek and Bowman High Tek. We were looking for 12 Autos. We got some nice ones, but we also got some nice numbered cards as well. High Tek is becoming one of my favorite sets, simply because I love acetate card and the different patterns (even though they are hard to keep track of). I was able to tier the prices and I think the value per spot was spot on for this break. Lets look at the highlights!

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A rare break where the HIT OF THE NIGHT wasn't an auto. But an Ohtani Red Diffractor numbered out of 10 surely qualifies for the Hit of the Night. We were treated to some numbered autos of Evan White, Paul Blackburn, and Nick Williams. The numbered cards didn't stop there, we already cracked open a beautiful Aaron Judge Orange /25. There is a lot of fun to open in both Topps and Bowman High Tek sets. There will be lots more chances to get in more High Tek breaks, I am going to feature it in mixers whenever I can. This break I feel definitely deserves an A because of the wide range of nice cards we got. The low numbered parallels and autos really made this a fun break. Thanks to all that joined!



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