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Break Recap - Mixer #10 - 11/13/18

Mixer #10 Broke on Friday and it delivered big time! This was the same lineup as Mixer #9, it featured Topps Chrome Jumbo, Gold Label, Topps High Tek, and Archives Snapshots. We were looking for 9 autos and lots of numbered parallels. There were some monsters that came out of this break! Let's get to the highlights and I'll recap after...

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What a break!?! The Topps Chrome box was struggling until the Hoskins hit and then High Tek delivered big time to end the break. Three monsters in this one! Congrats to those who got the nice cards we hit. The Will Clark was an awesome hit out of High Tek, numbered to /25! Then to finish with the Kris Bryant redemption just put this break over the top. We got a few nice things till the Hoskins came up and then the flood gates opened. I apologize for not getting a pic of the Rosario hand numbering. I really liked the McMahon out of the Snapshots box. I really like that product for the value. Mixer 11 is in the works and will be posted in the next couple days. Thanks to everyone that entered Mixer 10, this was a huge success and I can't wait till the next one!



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