Break Recap - Highlights of 2 MLB Breaks

Hello all! I'm back with another weekly recap of breaks. The 12 breaks of Christmas promotion took up all of my time and I am now catching up. We had some real fire in the last wave of breaks I wanted to make sure to show everyone what we cracked open.

The last breaks also included our first NBA Break! Those highlights are below as well.

Here is what all we broke

- 2018 Topps Gallery - 2 Boxes- PYT

- 2018 Triple Threads - 1 Boxes - Random Spot

- 2018 MLB Mixer #12 - Gold Label, Topps High Tek, Archives Snapshots, Chrome Update - PYT

- 2018/19 Certified NBA - 2 Boxes - PYT

Take a look at the highlights!

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

So many nice cards came out of this last batch of breaks! I was really happy with most of it. Aside from the Chrome Update Boxes (I added another Archives Snapshots to that break).

Acuna was well represented in these breaks! We hit 2 autos and his hand numbered blue parallel out of Snapshots. Topps Gallery was a huge success with pulling Torres and Acuna autos. I thought the Dwight Gooden auto was a really nice hit. High Tek also delivered a sweet Springer /25 and Trout PyroTEKniks /99. Another Break, Another Orioles rookie auto. Austin Hays again - at least it wasn't his card from gallery (pictured below) and it was nice gold framed auto.