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NFL 4-Box Mixer Recap

My daughter is still sleeping on Christmas, and I already got one recap posted, going to see if I can another one in!

On Christmas Eve, we had a 4-Box NFL Mixer that was rescheduled. This break had a couple changes made to it since I posted it. Originally this break was going to feature 4 boxes of retail Absolute, but I switched that out to a hobby box instead. The quality of hits that were coming out of retail were not great, and the hobby boxes deliver a higher end hit. I also had to move this break from Saturday to Monday. Two of the boxes had some unknown delays at the UPS facility and these showed up late. I was not happy about having a break for you guys on Christmas Eve but it was the best I could do without waiting another couple days. I appreciate everyone's patience with the updates and delays. I think this break was well worth the wait! It was our biggest NFL break to do with 4 very solid products.

This featured a hobby box of each of the following 2018 NFL Products:

- Absolute

- Unparalleled

- Certified

- Phoenix

Take a look at the highlights!

(click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery)

This break was awesome! The Thurman Thomas auto out Unparalleled set the tone for a lot of nice stuff. That same box produced the Mahomes patch as well. We opened some vintage autos from the Steelers and the Chiefs, along with a Rod Woodson relic for another Steelers hit. The Bills scored again with a Tremaine Edmunds auto out of Certified. Ridley and Gallup both had nice patch relics hit. There was a 250-point card from Panini, always a disappointing "hit". But other than that this break killed it! I do wish that football products had more rookies in them. We got Darnold and Josh Allen parallels but the rookies are def lacking and it seems to be that way in most of NFL products. No Baker, No Saquan, No Lamar. Just wish to see more of that stuff.

Another thank you to those who broke this with me and was were patient while this filled and got delayed. Really means a lot. Like I said during the break, this was an easy A break, and I'm sticking to that! Would have been an A+ if some of those rookies had shown up, even just base.




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