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Bowman's Best Half Case Break Recap

Bowman's Best was a perfect product to rip a half case of. This feature 4 master boxes of Bowman's Best, and it turned out to be the break of the year!

Best is a sharp looking product and offers more than just Autos to hunt for. There are numerous inserts, numbered refractors, and atomic refractors to go after. I think of this a Bowman version of Topps Finest. There was a lot of fun stuff that came out of this product. We were calling the Atomic refractors "cracked ice" through out the break but figured out those called Atomic. The base are unnumbered, but the Atomic autos are /25. I really like the graphics they use in the background this year, especially on the inserts. The Best Performers insert set is a fun remake from a 1998 set. Let's to the highlights!

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BOOM! and not just we pulled a Carter Kieboom either. What a break! I really think it was the best break of the year. Starting with the Jo Adell Red Auto /10. It was already a sick break and we hit that to another another + to this grade. Aluve Gold /50 was our first big hit and they just kept coming. The Nationals cleaned up with the Soto and Kieboom. You go into a break hoping to maybe get one, but to get both! Awesome. We hit an Atomic auto of Keibert Ruiz from the Dodgers, that one is numbered to 25. Some other nice base autos were Madrigal (White Sox), Hoerner (Cubs), and Welker (Colorado). Some really cool refractors including Acuna, Vlad and Ohtani. There was also a nice Buehler Blue Refractor RC numbered to 150. Congrats to everyone that got something good out of this break. There were a couple teams that didnt much or anything, and I will be working with those folks to hook them up. But overall, this break spread out a lot of nice hits! Will be looking to buy more of this today. Thanks everyone!




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