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MLB Mixer #13 Recap

Back with another recap. Last night we broke MLB Mixer #13 which featured boxes of Gallery, Gold Label, Topps High Tek, and Bowman's Best. We were looking for 9 autos, and got 10, and the extra one was MONSTER!

Take a look at the highlights!

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After cleaning up in the Bowman's Best break, The Nationals killed it again last night. The extra auto we rec'd was the Harper Redemption from High Tek, and there was also Kieboom auto to make the it a great break for the Nats. Most nights, the Monster of the Night would have been the Chipper Jones High Tek Auto, not when it's behind a Harper redemption in the pack!. Some nice prospect autos of Casas and Adams made the Bowman's Best another success. The Gallery and Gold Label were kind of weak or else this grade would be better. This was the first Harper I have ever pulled. Congrats to the Nats in this break.




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