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2019 Topps Series 1 Highlights

We did four separate breaks of 2019 Topps Series 1 Jumbo here at The Card Swap. Each box of Jumbo promises two relics, generally one game used relic and one manufactured patch, as well as one auto. In addition, inserts include the usual gold numbered to 2019, as well as Rainbow foils and inserts in the 1984 design. Each box of jumbo we ripped also included two silver packs as well. The silver packs feature the 1984 design in a foil variation with the opportunity for color and autos. We ran two release day breaks as PYT breaks with three boxes, and two breaks after with each spot being random teams of two boxes. Let's take a look at what we pulled out of flagship!

Our first break yielded six hits total. We pulled jersey relics in the 1984 design of Nicholas Castellanos(Tigers), Albert Pujols(Angels), and Andrew Benintendi(Red Sox). For manufactured relics, we pulled a Rhys Hoskins(Phillies) hat patch for the Phillies, a Mike Trout(Angels) 150 years of baseball medallion, and a Yadier Molina(Cardinals) medallion numbered to 150. For auto, there was a Lourdes Gurriel Jr. auto in the '84 design for the Blue Jays, a Jake Faria Legacy of Baseball auto for the Rays, and a Steven Duggar Legacy of Baseball auto for the Giants.

Other notables in the first break included a Nick Joseph camo parallel out of 25 and a Joey Rickard black parallel out of 67 for the Orioles, a Nick Burdi blue parallel out of 50 for the Pirates, and a green Steven Matz out of 99 for the Mets in the Silver packs.

For our second break of flagship, three jumbos again, we pulled a Clayton Kershaw relic in the '84 design, a Miguel Cabrera relic, and a Travis Shaw relic /150. For manufactured relics, we pulled a Blake Snell retro patch for the Rays, an Alex Bregman retro patch for the Astros, and a Rod Carew 150 years Medallion for the Twins. We pulled an absolutely beautiful auto of Nolan Ryan for the Astros in the '84 design, along with other autos of David Bote('84 design /150) and a Frankie Montas(A's) Legacy of Baseball auto /150. Out of the silver packs, we snagged another auto, a nice Kyle Schwarber for the Cubs.

Out of the silver packs we also got a cool numbered blue Mike Trout out of 150.

For the third break, which was two random teams a spot, we pulled the following: Both manufactured relics went to the Pirates, with a Roberto Clemente 150 years medallion and a Starling Marte hat patch being pulled. We pulled two relics of Mike Trout in the '84 design, with one being numbered to 150. For autos, a Cedric Mullins(Orioles) in the '84 design and a Freddy Peralta(Brewers) '84 style auto out of 150.

Other cards were a Matt Olson(A's) black parallel out of 67, and out of the silver packs, a gold Chance Adams out of 50 for the Yankees.

Our last break of flagship was also a random team break. Our hits in this one were: a manufactured hat relic of Zack Greinke out of 150, a medallion of Ty Cobb /50, a Robin Yount bat relic in the '84 design, and a Kris Bryant pinstripe relic.

Autos were Kolby Allard(Legacy of Baseball gold parallel /50 for the Braves) and Jake Marisnick(Legacy of Baseball red parallel /25 for the Astros).

Check out everything here:

Topps Flagship Series 1 is a fun rip, and is always a sign that baseball season isn't far away. One of the big stories about Jumbo this year has been the complete lack of any short prints, despite the odds of them being listed on the packaging as 1:17 packs. Super short prints are present in jumbo however. The inserts seemed to be lacking this year. Previous years Topps had some nice inserts to help carry the product. We pulled some nice cards out of the jumbos, with the nicest probably being that beautiful Nolan Ryan auto. A nice rip for sure, a lot of base as always, but that's how flagship is.



Lots of new breaks being added! See what's we have coming up here!

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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