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Recent PC Additions

Since the website started, my personal collection took a back seat to growing the business. Over the last couple months I have been trying to remember I was a huge collector and that's what got into wanting to do my own site. I've added a couple of really nice cards to the PC, but also some fun cards because...collecting is fun right?!?!

The cards have come from all different places. I've had some good luck at card shows lately. A couple of things were opened in one of my breaks and we worked out a deal. I've also had some friends send things they knew I've been looking for. Thank you everyone for helping me add to my PC once again.

Here are some of the things I've been adding...

I wanted to pick a new PC for the 2019 Season that wouldn't be too pricey to collect. After seeing some of his amazing throws from the outfield and some clutch hitting...I landed on Ramon Laureano. The auto was pulled for Brannon out of our Leather & Lumber Break, and we worked out a deal after that. Thank you for the deal sir! I love auto's on wood like that. I also have a Derek Jeter from a Fleer set back in the day that is one of my favorite cards. Not even a Jeter fan.

Just because I started the Laureano PC doesn't mean I forgot my main PC, Manny Machado. Here are a few that I've added. My spreadsheet that I kept track of the collection has unfortunately not been updated, but this puts me close 900 different Machado's! Thanks to Aaron P for sending the Topps ones from Series 2. Always looking for parallels of that one. Still looking for my first auto for Manny as a Padre. I haven't seen any I recall. Would like to get a Dodger auto as well but there weren't many.

Here are some key rookies and a cool Babe Ruth that will be going into my daughters collection that I have been keeping for her. I am way behind on both 2019 Topps Series 1 and Series 2. So if you have extras you'd like to get rid of, please let me know and we can work something out.

Speaking of my daughter, check out card #7 in our set! Topps didn't offer the 2019 template as a choice, so 1987 Throwback it is!

Not a fan of rental players, but I do love getting their cards when they appear on the team that rented them. This McCutchen was a cool one to add. I have zero cards of him as a Giant or Phillie.

Who remembers when these two squared up? It was one of the most intense things I've ever seen happen while watching baseball. As an Orioles fan, I was trained to dislike Bautista, so this made a big fan of Odor.

I've even added some non-baseball stuff to the PC. I thought the Campbell/George/Thomas Triple Relic was an awesome addition. Grew up watching Thurman and always loved watching clips of Campbell. I opened a couple packs of Sunoco Football Stamps from 1972 and got this Unitas and Manning. Those were really cool to find. My current PC for football is Josh Allen but I don't plan on going to crazy with it. Had to add a couple Luka's as well. Would like to add a Prizm of his at some point.

Not sure if this saving the best for last or not but these are some Vlad Jr's that I'll be adding to the PC. You may recognize the Museum Collection Auto from our second Serial Number break. Oliver hit that one and was looking to move it and I thought it would be my best chance getting a Vlad auto this year. So we struck a deal that we are both happy with and I'm excited to add this to my collection. He played AAA near me and I was also a huge fan of his dad, so I definitely wanted to add one but wasn't sure it would work out. Thanks so much Oliver for the deal!

That's about it really. I've also added some Pro Debut cards from the main prospects. That is a very cool set that is underrated. Added some Bo Jackson and some Ohtani as well, but nothing major. Just fun stuff.

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope you enjoyed looking more at my PC. It's been a lot of fun to get back into building my collection.

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