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2019 Stadium Club Box Preview

Stadium Club was released Wednesday the 26th and it's probably the set that I look forward to the most. I needed an excuse to open up a box, so here we are with our first product preview. I have been wanting to do this for awhile but never seem to have enough product. Moving forward, I will be trying to purchase a bit extra to be able to do this on release day.

The box was broke live on my You Tube Channel. I really just wanted to check everything out before our series of Stadium Club breaks. It's always fun to check out the inserts in Stadium Club, along with the nice foil parallels that look sharp on the colorful photography.

The checklist is packed with rookies such as Vlad Jr, Tatis, Alonso, and Kikuchi. It also features HOFer's like Ruth, Musial, Wagner, and Ted Williams. Base cards come with a number of parallels that include: Black Foil, B&W, Red Foil, Sepia, Rainbow Foilboard and more. There is also a set of Stadium Club Chrome that includes refractors and a gold minted parallel. Topps has also included Oversized Box Toppers in every hobby box this year. There is also 27 image variations to go after. Read more about the variations here

Inserts in 2019 Stadium Club:

Beam Team (one per box)

Power Zone

Warp Speed

Emperors of the Zone

Instavision (case hit)

All of the inserts come with limited parallels.

Here are some of the highlights. Then I'll talk about some of the stuff I noticed from our one box preview...

The design was what I would have expected and the photos definitely live up the expectations that come from Stadium Club products. I know it's only one box, but here are some early observations

- The inserts are very consistent with previous years. The new one, Emperor of the Zone, is a bit confusing but a cool design

- Beam Team is always very sharp, but not as flashy in the past.

- Chrome Refractors are PRETTY!

- Autos will always be a concern for me in SC until we see some better ones.

- The HOFers in this set are just amazing cards. The photos and coloring is perfect. Well done Topps!

- After further review...we got a Variation! Carlos Correa

A few of these cards are up for sale so far on the shop...come take a look at all the new stuff!

Also planned for Sunday 6/30 is our second Half Case Break. It's a PYT with a lot of teams left as of now.

Thanks everyone for reading our first product preview! - Aaron B

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