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Case Break Recap - 2019 Archives Signatures

Archives Signatures Series Active Player Edition dropped last week (Weds 7/10) which features buy back cards of active players, that signed by the player, stamped/numbered/ and encased by Topps. There is only 1 card per box and is a very high risk-high reward product, as you will see shortly.

This case was broken into 2 half-case serial number breaks. 10 spots each break. The first half case was not exciting. I was worried that it would hurt the second one filling. But everyone got really excited about what could be in the remaining boxes, so the second break filled and broke the next day! Everyone was right...Check out the highlights!

Clayton Kershaw Heritage Auto 1/1
Salvador Perez Allen Ginter 1/1

The second half-case was superior to the first one in a big way! We hit TWO 1/1's! Congrats to Jeremy for hitting the number 1 in the Serial Number break. He hit before and didn't hit much, but in this one, he hit the Kershaw and Perez 1/1's. He has a side PC of Kershaw and is a HUGE Royals fan. This was a cool moment I thought. He also hit the Clevinger auto as well. After feeling an embarassment of riches, Jeremy gave that Clevinger to Oliver who got skunked in two straight Signatures breaks. That was something that really made me happy to be apart of this community and to have so many great people breaking with me. Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that joined the Archives Signatures Breaks! Clearly Authentic is coming and will be done very similar.

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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