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Topps Chrome - Highlights from 3 Cases

One of the biggest releases of the year hit the market this past week, Topps Chrome! Chrome was highly anticipated and has not let down. Still the same fun of searching for refractors, rookies, and autos. The product is sharp this year, with the color refractors especially popping.

We opened about 3 cases of Topps Chrome so far. All have been the Jumbo HTA box that features 5 autos each! Below are the results of a full case break, 3 half case breaks, and a 2-box break.

Check out the highlights...

- 2 Alonso Autos, Prizm Refractor, Negative Refractor

- 2 Mitch Keller Autos

- Senzel Orange Wave Auto

- Tatis Auto

- Variations (Tellez x2, Sotos x2, Bryant Refractor, Ohtani)

- 2x Kikuchi Autos

- Jeff McNeil Auto

- Ramon Laureano Auto

We did really well with refractors and that's half the fun of this set. Lot's of fun rookies to chase in this one as well. The product was a blast and there will be a lot more coming up!

Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

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