Advanced Stats by Pat

This is part one of the series “Advanced Stats by Pat” that describes and gives examples of all of the advanced statistics that you hear flying around the MLB nowadays. I’ll feature an offensive, defensive, and pitching advanced metrics that can better help you digest what is actually going on.

Offensive - OPS+

OPS stands for On Base Plus Slugging. It’s one of the easiest advanced statistics to comprehend because it’s simply your on base percentage plus your slugging percentage.The MLB average floats around .775.

OPS+ takes that .775 and makes it 100. If your OPS+ is 125, you are 25% more effective as a batter than the average MLB player. It also accounts for park factors like how Colorado has further hit balls, and San Francisco is the opposite. I’ll explain park factors in more details at a later date. Once you mix the two together, you have OPS+.

This year's example is Trout versus Yelich. Yelich finished with a higher OPS (1.100) than Trout (1.083) but because Yelich played in friendlier parks more than Trout, Yelich’s OPS+ was lower (179 to 185).

Defensive - DRS

Defense can be tough to quantify. Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) tries to capture defense. It should be noted that all defensive stats are taken by humans, meaning that judgement calls have to be accounted for. It account