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New Releases!

This week, three new products to rip are being released: Panini Prizm, Topps Finest, and Topps Pro Debut. Each set features tweaks and adjustments to last years versions.

2020 Panini Prizm:

Release Date: June 17th, 2020

Product Details: Panini refreshed the look of their Prizm cards for this year's set. Featuring a 300 card base set and 18 parallels (yes, the donuts are back), Prizm is arguably better looking than it’s competitors Topps Chrome. Panini also added a bunch of different ways to buy the product which each have exclusive parallels. Swing over to Panini’s to check out the different ways to buy. Inserts in the set include Brilliance, Illumination, Instant Impact, Numbers Game, and Star Gazing. Prizm also features a Machines set which is a set catered to the games top players. The case hit for Prizm is Color Blast or Gems card. Color blast reminds me of the Diamond Kings that we’ve opened already with a vibrant background. There are three sets of autographs in this set; Prospect Signatures, Rookie Autographs, and Pro Penmanship. As expected, Prospect Signatures focuses on the players breaking into the league (Jo Adell for example), Rookie Autographs highlighting the rookies in the league (Yordan Alvarez), and Pro Penmanship, more established players (Pete Alonso).

2020 Topps Finest

Release Date: June 19th, 2020

Product Details: This year's Finest sees a louder background than in previous years. This 100 card set features 8 parallels and 25 short print players. For the short prints, there are only three parallels. Topps reached back to 1998 Finest for their new set The Man. The card looks like the carpet designs you would see at a bowling alley. 2020 Finest also debuts a new insert called Finest Duals. This insert is based off of notable MLB duos. Both Duals and The Man will also have autographed versions. This set also includes die cut cards in honor of Ichiro with it’s autographed companions. Autographs are what make up this Topps Finest set. You’ll be chasing nine parallels this year to complete your rainbow on the base set. You’ll also see Finest First autographs with the same parallel set up. Hidden in the packs are also Finest Mystery Redemptions. Rounding out the autograph set are Finest Moments which are autographs from current and former players dedicated to special moments.

2020 Topps Pro Debut

Release Date: June 19th, 2020

Product Details: Pro Debut features the same design as last year with some minor tweaks to the 200 card set. There will be six parallels for the base set with image variations of certain players. The biggest tweak was the addition of Jumbo pack exclusive Chrome. You’ll see six cards per jumbo pack with five parallels. New inserts for this year include Copa de la Diversion (highlights the Hispanic/Latino fans and events for each team), Ready for Flight (MiLB players expected to be stars in the majors), and Tape Measure Power (power hitters). Ready for flight features three parallels while Copa de la Diversion and Tape Measure Power feature the 1/1 Black parallel. You’ll still get the same base autographs from last year. Topps added Future Cornerstones autographs with two parallels. Ready for Flight and Tape Measure Power will also see autographed versions. Copa de la Diversion, along with Fragments of the Farm and Jumbo Patch will be your relics in this set. Lastly, Topps continues the Manufactured Distinguished Debut Medallions set.

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