Decks by the Decade - 1930's

The 1930’s saw the introduction of one of the most famous and valuable sets in the hobby: Goudey Baseball. Before diving into this iconic set, there are a couple of cards that need to be mentioned.

1939 Play Ball: This set was a crucial set in the hobby. These cards became bigger than its competitors, closer to the size we know today. They featured detailed player biographies on the backs of the cards as well. The most important aspect of this set was that the business that created these gum packs, Gum Inc, would go on to become the Bowman’s that we know today. Gum Inc. was founded by a fellow named Walter Bowman. In 1939, there were no available gum pack baseball cards. These were typically 1-3 cards with a stick of gum inside of them. Bowman seized this opportunity and created this black and white set. While the set isn’t flush with all stars, you will find Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams (rookie card) in here. Recently, a PSA 9 of Williams fetched $130,000.