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2023 Heritage Variation Guide

With the release of 2023 Heritage, we've got a lot of new Variations out there to track down. Lots of variations to keep track of so I'll highlight each type with what to look for, pack odds, and card codes.

Perfect place to start, they are sticking with the easy tell of having the type of variation printed on the back of the card. This year, this is located in the bottom left corner, above the Topps logo.


In addition to the variations, each card in the set has a Black & White Variation/Parallel to chase as well.

Hobby – 1:205 packs

Blaster – 1:511 packs


That's all of the basics to get you started. More images and information are still being shared. Cardboard Connection does a great job of full galleries regarding the Heritage Variations.

Series 2 is the next big release and we'll be looking for the return of Golden Mirror Variations. Each card has their own SSP Image Variation with Gold Foil.

Check the Break Section for current breaks.


Thanks for reading and Happy Variation hunting! - AB

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Thomas Lacombe
Thomas Lacombe
Jun 05, 2023

Always love the nickname variations. Hoping next time around sox fans can get a "Yoshi" for Yoshida.

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