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2024 Heritage Highlights, so far...

Thanks everyone that joined me for 2 cases worth of 2024 Heritage Breaks. We ran Three 3-Box Breaks, I opened 2, and I gave one away...CONGRATS RYAN K!

The case break was a lot of fun, despite only two autos (Marichal Red Ink and Winn), there's was a ton to hunt for and the parallels are amazing for 2024. So much so, we're gonna do another case break!

The chrome refractors are just amazing and I can't to grab some for my PC. As much as the 1975 is know for the colorful design, the white parallels are just so clean and should grade nicely.

We did well with Ohtanis, Henry Davis, and Elly De La Cruz. Plus some nice legend autos.

Here's the highlights from the breaks and we'll have more next week!

Up next...more Heritage in a CASE BREAK PYT! Get a free Custom Card with some of the weaker teams. See you soon! Thanks everyone


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