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Card Battle 5 - A Player PC Battle

The next Card Battle is posted! We've got an AL East Battle as Phil and his Yankees go head-to-head with Tom and his Red Sox. Tom is coming off a win vs Zach and looks to defend his title. Check the video here to the stories on all the cards!

They were given a list of 7 categories to find their favorite card from and show us each card with a bit about the card. It was fun to check out other people's PC cards that they hold and why.

Here's the poll for each round to determine a winner!


  • 0%Yoshida 2023 Prizm Manga RC SSP

  • 0%Manny 2012 Topps Chrome 1972

Base Rookie

  • 0%Manny 2013 Turkey Red RC

  • 0%Yoshida 2023 Bowman Sterling RC


  • 0%Yoshida 2023 Topps Holiday Relic

  • 0%Manny America's Pasttime Book Auto Relic

Super Short Print

  • 0%Manny 2013 Topps RC SSP

  • 0%Yoshida 2023 Topps RC Golden Mirror SSP

Numbered Refractor

  • 0%Yoshida 2023 Topps Guilded Gold Etch RC /50

  • 0%Manny 2013 Topps Chrome RC Blue Refractor /199


  • 0%Manny 2013 Topps Chrome RC Auto

  • 0%Yoshida 2023 Allen & Ginter RC Framed Mini Auto

Numbered Auto

  • 0%Yoshida 2023 Joy of Baseball RC Auto Red /5

  • 0%Manny 2013 Topps Finest RC Auto Orange /99

Get your votes in and we'll go for 2 weeks and tally the results to see who will win our first Player PC Battle!

Thanks everyone for participating! Thanks to Zach for coming back to taking the time to film this for us. Again.

Wanna do a Card Battle with someone? Let me know and we can set something up!

Please like, comment, and subscribe. I'm really trying to grow the channel more and that's the best way to help.

Have you submitted your Card Grid? Check the blog for details on CARD GRID #4

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Thanks everything for voting and following all the stuff we have going on! AB


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