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The Swap Cast Episode 4 + Giveaway Results & New Giveaway

Episode 4 is posted! I really hope you enjoy it. I think they are getting better each time and I'm enjoying trying to find ways to get everyone to participate.

This episode features Phil C with a report back after his trip to The National. I've got some new singles to show off. Wanna watch me fail at Immaculate Grid? Plus a Q&A session and a new giveaway!

CONGRATS to Chad L on winning the Mega Box of Chrome for the comment contest from Episode 3!

Watch Episode 4 of The Swap Cast for the giveaway and more fun with cardboard!

Wanna check out a couple recent shorts that I posted?

In case you missed some past videos, here's some recent ones...

Join me as a sort a case of Topps Chrome

Wanna check all the highlights from cases of Chrome and a mixer?

The Swap Cast Episode 3

Thanks everyone so much for watching and supporting me and channel! AB


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