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Highlights! ASG + Finest Case

Hey Everyone! Getting back into the swing of things after a great trip to Seattle for the All Star Game. Thanks to Ryan for the tickets! It was a fun trip and it went by too fast. I didn't do great with taking photos but here are some highlights that wanted to show you all...

First thing I saw when dropped off at the stadium was the Ken Griffey Jr statue and everything was off to a good start!

Manny wasn't an all-star :-( But he did have a couple banners and photos around the MLB Experience stuff.

My first photo ever doing the cool guy "less than" sign for a photo. Nevermind the Deep-V.

Jason M, The Card Swap, Stephen B

Didn't take enough photos of the score board but here's Ohtani.

Ending the event with this gentleman and his fan club on the corner telling us all how to live. Definitely some good tips.

Don't worry, I was disappointed in my pics too! But I was really enjoying the friends I was with and being at the experience and didn't think to take more pictures.

Some things not pictured that I wish I got a pic of...Deep Fried Twinkie, Roof Deck View from our house, Redvines, Anything from the Home Run Derby, and walk-in vending machine that I was in at the airport.

Upon return, it was back to ripping and we went big with a case of 2023 Topps Finest. How'd we do? It was loaded and a great way to get back to breaking. Here's some highlights from that...

Some huge autos including a Green Yoshida, Nasty Nestor in Red Wave /5, and a scratched Senga in Green. Yes a Manny World's Finest Auto but I have nothing to say about that! :-)

Our first Let's Go Short Printed Insert and we went big with Corbin Carroll. It's pair nicely with the Green Lava.

Thanks everyone following along and joining the Finest break! Next up will be our Friday Night Mini Mixer and some Tribute. More to come! AB


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