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Highlights, Chrome Platinum, and YouTube Vids!

Lots of news and highlights to pass along. Let's start with the highlights from last night's Mini Mixer featuring Tribute, Chrome Jumbo, and Finest! Chrome was a bit of a let down but the other boxes didn't disappoint...

Chrome Platinum Anniversary is the next release. Set for Wednesday arrival, we'll be starting big with a case break!

Here's all the recent YouTube Videos if you want to check them out. Please like and subscribe!

Don't forget the Comment Contest for Episode 3

Topps Chrome Sizzle Reel

Wanna Browse Singles? 15% off - No Code Needed!

Gonna start working on Episode 4 of The Swap Cast that will feature some new arrivals, Phil C with his report back from The National and our first ever VZ Battle! Thanks everyone and have a great weekend - AB


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