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With the recent release of 2022 Bowman 1st Edition, we have our checklist for the main release! Topps loaded 2022 Bowman with so many 1st Bowmans (89 confirmed as of this writing) that I’m going to break this into three articles: AL base set subjects here, NL base card subjects next, and Autograph-only subjects when the checklist for the main release comes out. 2022 Bowman’s release date has just been pushed back a week. Originally scheduled for an April 27th release, Topps announced we should now see Bowman on May 4th.

Below is an alphabetical (by team) list of every American League subject with a 1st Bowman, with a little bit of information on each and my personal risk/ceiling assessment. How I judge ceiling is based on the hobby – power first, everything else following. How I judge risk is mostly dependent on how far the player has advanced in level but also factors in how well the player has done and projects to do.

Level listed is the player’s 2022 starting level, unless otherwise noted.

Because the list is 40+ names, for the TLDR (too long didn’t read) crowd, I’ll throw a few superlatives out, High School yearbook-style:

Most Likely to Succeed: George Valera Best Performer: Dustin Harris Most Changed: Samad Taylor & Oswaldo Cabrera Most Athletic: Jonatan Clase Most Likely to Make your Head Turn: Trey Sweeney & Jhonkensy Noel


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