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Series 1 Highlights + New Break

Thank you everyone that joined for release day of 2023 Topps Series 1! We got through about a case and a half last night and saw some really nice stuff. Still haven't see a Home Field Advantage yet, so maybe that will show up for us on Friday. That will be another half case PYT going live at 8est and is posted now.

Really enjoying seeing the 1988 set with the modern touch.

A really sharp Altuve Auto Patch, along with the Gold Riley Green 88. Our first SSP, now with a huge SSP foil on the back!

Join me Friday for more! It's my birthday today or else I'd get some more going for tonight. Got some family plans tonight that include Crab Legs. Thanks everyone!

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Was a great start to the 2023 Topps Flagship season!

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