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Survey Results + Break Schedule

Thanks to everyone that participated in the recent survey. Some great feedback that will help keep the site fresh. I just wanted to give everyone some results on what some of the feedback was...

Pretty equal response when it comes to different types of breaks to see. I'll do my best to keep things mixed up and add in some Serial Number, Division, and Draft!

Lots of interest in Pre-2021 Breaks. Some interest in the Pre-1999 Breaks. We'll def be seeing more Pre-2021 breaks soon. Maybe some multi-year mixers and stuff as well.

Rip Night had lots of maybes. That one is going on the backburner for now.

YouTube Show had lots of interest and is on it's way!

Little to No interest in the Fanatics Gear. Backburner as well.

Fanatics Live had equal interest in all parts. Yes, No, and IDK.

Some write in feedback that I will be addressing and trying to fix/add to...

- Search on Singles has some irrelevant results.

- Easier distinction between old and newly listed singles.

- Load time of singles on Mobile

- Some things people asked to be added are Blasters and Megas for personals and to be shipped. Plus some Higher End Breaks as well as Wrestling Breaks,

This is all great info and had some stuff I hadn't thought of in awhile so it was good see where you all were at on things. With how fast things are changing, I'll try to do these more often. Feel free to fill it out if you haven't already. Thanks again!

Lots of breaks planned this week with Bowman U Best Bball set for tonight and Friday will be all about Topps Finest! Just posted a half case PYT of Finest as well. Gonna work on some shipping now and then The Swap Cast! AB


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