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The Card Grid

Welp, Tom L had a great idea and it combines a bunch of fan favorites together:

Immaculate Grid, Scavenger Hunts and Baseball Cards.

Rules are simple:

1 - Check the Grid, Find Sports Cards from the categories to Fill the Grid.

2 - Take a photo of your Grid (leave about an inch between cards for grid border)

3 - Comment to this blog with your photo (make sure to add your name in the comment)

This will enter you to win a box of 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Hobby!

*** DOES NOT have to be an All-Star Card, just a player that has been an All Star ***

We'll let it run for a week and see how many submissions we get to do the giveaway.

I'll add your submission to the grid and may post to social media.

Please share the blog link or retweet to help more folks see the contest.

Join me as I hunt through my PC and fill out The Grid. And We'll go over some of the early submissions.

Thanks everyone and Tom for the idea! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Allen & Ginter Breaks are up next! Thanks everyone - Lots of fun stuff to check out if you have the time! AB

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