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The News Swap #16 - Dollar Bin Video, Bowman Breaks, New Singles, & GIVEAWAY PAGE

TONIGHT! (FRI 4/21) @ 6est

Join me live as I go through a dollar bin of baseball cards that I've been assembling. Make a list and let me know anything you're interested in!


Check the new page for the new giveaway and all the ways to enter to win this Card Swap Break Mat and a box of Stadium Club Chrome!

ADDITIONAL ENTRY - Comment on this blog post with who you think is the most overrated and underrated player in MLB...Please sign your reply if you're not signed in. Thanks!!


BUY 4 - GET 20% OFF

No Code Needed


Set for release this coming Wednesday, we've got 3 breaks set for release day. 2 Pick Your Team breaks and a Random Team.






AI wrote up a blog about how Ken Griffey Jr's career may have looked had he been able to stay healthy.

Here's a quick prediction from the SwapBOT3000 on Bo Jackson's baseball stats if he only played baseball. What do you think? I think his average could have snuck up a bit higher and maybe even steals.

Had Bo Jackson not sustained his career-ending hip injury and had focused solely on baseball, it is difficult to predict with certainty what his career stats would have been. However, we can look at his performance during the four full seasons he played in the Major Leagues (1987-1990) and make some estimates based on that.

During those four seasons, Bo Jackson had a career batting average of .250 with 141 runs scored, 141 RBI, and 82 home runs in 515 games played. If we assume that he would have continued to improve and play at a similar level for another 8-10 seasons, it is reasonable to estimate that his career stats could have looked something like this:

  • Batting average: .250-.260

  • Steals: 300-375

  • RBI: 1,500-1,750

  • Home runs: 450-525


Here's some stuff I've been checking for on eBay. Photos take you to current listings.

Chrome Sonic had a sweet case hit called Expose that we missed. I found this one during a hunt for more Manny Machado cards. The Witt is an Orange refractor, but there is a base as well. Pretty cool non-auto card to add to a PC.


There are more cool Super Rare Red Foil from the 2023 Big League set. Not just Corbin Carroll. Rookies including Harris and Greene and Stars like Judge and Pujols. This was a cool addition to Big League.


I'm still really liking the 2023 Topps Golden Mirror Variations. The concept, rarity, and photos. Nice change to how variations are normally done. More have surfaced and hit eBay, so hopefully prices are regulating a bit.


I think we can all agree, Fleer Pro Vision was one of most fun inserts from the 90's. Across all sports, these were always nice and stood the test of time.


Wanna grab the oversized box topper from the 2023 Topps Super Boxes?


One favor to ask, if you use eBay for purchasing. Please bookmark this link for when you search and I will get a small commission from eBay. Doesn't charge anything extra for your purchase but will be an easy way to support the site. THANK YOU!


The perfect blend of two great hobbies - Baseball & Music. Check out the site for The Baseball Project!

Don't forget to use code SWAP4LIFE to get 20% off your order!



Here's some highlights from 2 Big League breaks and Friday Night Mixer



Jomboy with the Weekly Dumb series is just great content.


A glimpse of how Rickey Henderson could make so much happen from a walk.


Not Baseball, but I think we can all enjoy a good staredown! How about from the world of MMA.


Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven't already. Likes and comments are always appreciated. Here's some playlists if you want to check all the non-break videos. THANK YOU!



This past weekend I spent some time condensing 4 binders into one of the UltraPro Eclipse Portfolios. These have been become my choice for binders. It saves space and forces me to narrow down the collection to only stuff I really like. It's been a fun project and this about finishes it up! Here are some pages to share from the new binder, I probably could have picked better pages to show so maybe I'll do another entry with more. I thought about going live to show everyone but I'm worried it wouldn't go well on camera.


Thanks everyone for reading and continuing to support the newsletter, website, and channel!

- AB

1 Comment

Zach Grant
Zach Grant
Apr 23, 2023

I like the idea of condensing down to binders and may do the same. Displays nicely and forces you to not let the PC get too big.

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