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The News Swap #2: 11/20

Welcome to a new edition of this week's News Swap! There's a lot going on to check out and a lot coming up. Here's everything in one place to get you the info you want.

We'll check out 2 boxes of Heritage Minors with a box of Bowman Chrome Hobby.

UPDATE #2 - - 50% off! code BLACK

What's coming up This Week:

- Heritage Minors & Bowman Chrome Hobby Release Weds 11/23

- Bowman Chrome HTA & LITE Release following week

- More Allen & Ginter Breaks

- Another Friday Mixer. I'll post this later in the week.

What to check out now:

- New YouTube Videos - Card Show Pickups & Manny PC

- New Singles

- 30% off all previous singles

& Lots more fun below!

Still working on the plan for what and how to break some Bowman Chrome. The price has been pretty crazy for Chrome for awhile so I was waiting to see what happened. We'll def see some of the LITE boxes once those are released. But my plan is to have something for Wednesday.

Come back for frequent visits, should always be something for you to see here.


New Videos posted! Check out my recent pickups from a trip to a card show that my friend put on!


New Break posted! While we wait for the new arrivals, we'll break another 3-boxes of Allen & Ginter. Set for Monday @ 8est


In case you missed my first Manny Machado PC video! Lots more of these to come.


HALL OF HITS! - New Additions


NEW SINGLES POSTED + 30% everything that's not new.

Free Shipping over $10.

Lots more to add after another day at a card show.


More Additions to The Vinyl Swap!

Don't forget to use code SWAP4LIFE to get 20% off!


Lots of nice stuff out there right now that I may not have at the moment. Here's some stuff to check for on eBay. Images to you to current eBay listings.

Chrome Cosmic was a huge release. Without a guaranteed auto, the refractors and rookies will have to carry this product.

Julio Rodriquez Cosmic Rookie


Cosmic Gold Interstellar Refractors might be my favorite, for the price point. Might be the one go after for my Manny PC!


Allen & Ginter had some really nice stuff. The Hot Box foils are perfect adds to any PC!


Framed Mini Autos from Allen & Ginter are some of favorites year after year.


One more favor to ask, if you use eBay for purchasing singles and stuff. Please book mark this link for when you search and I will get a small commission from eBay. Doesn't change anything extra for your purchase but will be an easy way to support the site. THANK YOU!


Want to sell some cards? Shoot me an email and we can try and strike a deal! Always looking for baseball autos, relics, numbered cards, and rookies. Been bringing in more NFL and NBA stuff as well. I'll be interested in looking at anything!


Got some more videos for you to check if you're bored and looking forward something to watch. I'll be looking into creating a playlist on my YouTube for more stuff to check. Not just baseball stuff this week, but still sports, mostly...still fun!

Been watching more MMA and Boxing lately. Went down a entrances rabbit hole one morning. The Tyson one is iconic and I remember that live. But I never saw the Klitschko one before, and that one too is awesome.


Is that what you were expecting MTV? The background to this is worth a watch too.

This one is NSFW: Language :-)


Chad Johnson encounters Ray Lewis. Then discuss it at the Pro Bowl.

And again, on Larry King


New Side Quest:

In addition to my Manny Collection. I'm going to work on a "rainbow" of Gabriel Davis of his Select Rookie Die Cut Prizm. It it should be something I'll be able to look forward while card hunting around Buffalo. I'll probably have to check eBay for the lowered unnumbered stuff but it should be a fun and relatively cheap one to go after. Even if I never get the 1/1.

Do you have any?

2020 Panini Select Concourse #82. Here's my first 3 towards the rainbow...

And, here's my 4 of the Purple that I kept buying because I haven't started keeping track yet. Ooops.

Want one? Contact me and I'll give out 2!


3 new Manny's going to the collection. #1403


That's it for this week's newsletter. Thanks so much for reading. Please continue to help by liking any posts/videos you see. It's already helping! These have been have fun for me to write up and I hope you enjoy them too!

- AB


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