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The News Swap #3: 11/29 - Giveaway!

UPDATE #1 - Schedule Change - Due to Cosmic still not showing up for the Mixer, that will hopefully break on Thursday!

UPDATE #2 - 50% off singles - no code needed!

Welcome to a newly named newsletter, The News Swap! This is issue #3, but let's just pretend the first two were called that (yes, I probably will go back to change them) - Thanks Adrian for the suggestion. I'm not ashamed at all that I didn't think of that myself!

What's coming up This Week:

- Stadium Club Releases on FRIDAY! Hoping the full checklist drops soon and we'll get some PYT Breaks posted. There is a random break posted now!

- Our first News Swap Giveaway! See below for details.

- New Singles are coming soon! Got any lots to sell? Email me with a list!

Come back for frequent visits, should always be something for you to see here. Plus I'll make updates at the top for anyone checking days after posting.



no code needed


New Manny Machado PC Video is up! Come check out my collection of 114 Manny Relics. I also show some new additions to the Manny collection and my general PC. Leave a like a comment if you super PC someone!


New Breaks posted! 3 breaks are set so far this week. This will get us up to #996 and Stadium Club PYT's will get us to 1000! Huge break being planned for that STAY TUNED.

The Mini Mixer was delayed till Wednesday due to the arrival of the Cosmic boxes from Topps. Tracking is showing today so fingers crossed. FedEx has it, so who knows.


More Prospecting! 2 boxes of Bowman Chrome LITE boxes for some Mini Diamonds. Add in some more Minors to get some autos and more included!


RELEASING FRIDAY! Stadium Club is finally set to arrive. No checklist posted yet, but I wanted to get the ball rolling and start filling a random break for release day. Code RANDOM for 2/$32

Don't forget to come back after getting your break spots. There's more cool stuff to check out!


Please join our Discord for more baseball chat, card chat, and random life advice!



Look below for a chance to comment and join a random giveaway of a sealed box of 2022 Heritage Minors!


Some stuff going to the PC...

AI Rookie Mock Draft where he was taken by the Vancouver Grizzlies!

My first Coby Bryant auto! Just wish he was wearing #8 :-)

Oneil Cruz Chrome in Sepia. Always try and get a nice sepia RC each year.

Coach K seemed like a cool card.

Look at the photo on the MJ!

Wander HFA will be a nice one to stash. Especially since I didn't get the best deal on it.

I don't collect much hockey, but look at that masterpiece. Lucky there is a Sabre.

Josh Allen. Case Hit. Boom!





I highly recommend the Wu Tang vs The Beatles Album. For this song alone...


Lots of nice stuff out there right now that I may not have at the moment. Here's some stuff to check for on eBay. Images take you to current eBay listings.

One awesome thing to search for in Allen & Ginter is the Mini Wood 1/1 cards.


Logofractor prices seem to be regulating a little bit. Green Refractors /99 are a nice sweet spot I think. Though the Gold and Orange are very sharp, they are still carrying a premium.


Bowman Chrome Case Hits are amazing this year! There are sticker autos too, but these base are enough to be excited about.


Heritage Minors is always a cheap product to collect prospects you are looking for. Featuring on-card autos, these are very collectible.

#1 Draft Pick - Henry Davis.


Jalen Hurts continues to prove to be the guy in Philly. Got his Prizm RC? His Silver Prizm is still quite affordable.


One more favor to ask, if you use eBay for purchasing singles and stuff. Please book mark this link for when you search and I will get a small commission from eBay. Doesn't charge anything extra for your purchase but will be an easy way to support the site. THANK YOU!


HALL OF HITS! - New Additions. More Trout!


Need some more stuff to watch on YouTube? Probably not, but here's some fun stuff to check out if you're bored!

It's the offseason, and Jomboy is still on the job! Who could you see starting something like this in MLB?


Need a feel good story. This one is pretty good.


Actually here's another one. Bills Fans came through for Lamar Jackson.


The fun side of Baseball in 2022. I love videos like this!


Since I still can't get @thecardswap on Twitter, I changed the handle to @thecardswapAB. It drove me crazy when it was @thecardswap13. Suggested I was the 13th best @thecardswap, and I'm at least top 10!

Please follow me there if you're not already. I'd say Twitter gets the best updates of everything going on.



For a chance to win a sealed box of Heritage Minors

Comment below with your favorite card from 2022 in your collection. Share a picture if you can!

I'll randomize everyone that comments before the next News Swap issue. The winner will receive the box of Heritage Minors!


That's it for this week's News Swap! Thanks everyone for reading and continuing to support the site. Please continue to like and share posts when you can. It really helps.

- AB

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