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The News Swap #4: 12/5 - New Giveaway & Poll

UPDATE #2 - Trea Turner signed with Philly. Added a new FA poll below!

UPDATE #1 - videos were causing some formatting issues, have been removed. let me know if there's still issues. Thanks Wix!

Can't start the week off without a GIANT THANK YOU! It's been just over 4 years of running the site for me and we just hit our 1000th break! Thank you to EVERYONE who has been apart of getting me to this point. Pretty surreal and something I'm really proud of! We had a special break on Sunday that sold out in record time for The Card Swap. It was pretty sweet for me to see and I appreciate everyone that joined!

What's coming up:

- Heritage High Number Releases on WEDNESDAY! Random Break Posted!

- More Stadium Club is posted for Tuesday

- A New Giveaway! See below for details

- Our first News Swap Poll - Free Agent Edition

Come back for frequent visits, should always be something for you to check out. Plus I'll make updates at the top for anyone checking days after posting.

no code needed



Congrats to Quinn on winning our first News Swap Giveaway! Check the video here

Check below for this week's GIVEAWAY!



More Stadium Club set for Tuesday!

The next PYT I'll add another box and some combos based on what teams didn't have a ton of cards. But 4 boxes should help that.


Heritage High No. will arrive on Wednesday! With no team checklist yet, I just posted a random break for now. Randoms have been fun lately and wanted to keep them in the same price range.

code RANDOM for 2/$32


Want to check our highlights from our Stadium Club breaks? This was pretty much one full case. And there was some really nice stuff coming from these packs. Still very hit-or-miss with the autos in standard Stadium Club fashion, as well as poor collation for base cards. But when the nice stuff hits, it hits! Sometimes you'll end up with dupes of hot rookies.


Please join our Discord for more baseball chat, card chat, and trail mix recipes!



Look below for a chance to comment and join a random giveaway of a sealed box of...



STOREWIDE SALE @ The Vinyl Swap!



Couple quick notes on the The Vinyl Swap. Extending the 50% off sale as we clean out this wave of stock to make way for new titles. But we're changing the focus and quality of titles to be brought in. Ryan is working with distribution now to get new releases and more!

Also, if you checked the site last week and had some issues, that was on our end and has been fixed. The pagination was messed up and you couldn't scroll to more titles.


Lots of nice stuff out there right now that I may not have at the moment. Here's some stuff to check for on eBay. Images take you to current eBay listings.

Stadium Club is back with new variations and there's some sweet ones!


More fun with variations in Stadium Club are the design variations. Doesn't get much cooler than this Aaron Judge!


Need an auto of newly elected Hall of Famer Fred McGriff?


Or maybe a PSA 10 Rookie Card of Fred McGriff?


Between Allen & Ginter and Topps Rip being released, there are lots of Rip Cards available right now on the bay!


One more favor to ask, if you use eBay for purchasing singles and stuff. Please book mark this link for when you search and I will get a small commission from eBay. Doesn't charge anything extra for your purchase but will be an easy way to support the site. THANK YOU!


A great resource if you don't already have it saved. Blowout Card Release Calendar!


No new YouTube Videos for today as I've been swamped with Stadium Club, shipping, and #1000. I'll have one or two up this week though. In the mean time, check out this YouTube Playlist of all non-break videos.


While we are discussing YouTube, please make sure to subscribe to TheCardSwap Channel! Feel free to go like a bunch of videos!


Need some more stuff to watch on YouTube? Probably not, but here's some fun stuff to check out if you're bored!

I may have shared this before, but I thought it needed to be featured here to. Greg Maddux continues to entertain!


Prime tellin' it like it was


Here's an article from Friend of The Card Swap (FOTCS), Tony, who writes for He did a piece on 20 Phillies under 20. He's a good dude and does great work! Give him a follow on Twitter


If you want to make sure I have your email address the newsletter and more updates, please sign up here...


The Baseball GM Winter Meetings started over the weekend and that's a great time to start discussing Free Agency. Vote below where you think the following 3 players will end up!

Aaron Judge

  • Yankees

  • Giants

  • Dodgers

  • Other

Carlos Correa

  • Twins

  • Cubs

  • Giants

  • Other

Xander Bogaerts

  • Dodgers

  • Cubs

  • Diamondbacks

  • Other



For a chance to win a sealed box of Heritage High Number!

Speaking of Free Agency...Comment below with what Free Agent your favorite team signed in the past, that you were very excited for. How did it work out? Got a card of said player? Show a pic!

I'll randomize everyone that comment an answer before the next News Swap issue. The winner will receive the box of Heritage High Number!! (Not Minors)


That's it for this week's News Swap! Thanks everyone for reading and continuing to support the site. Please continue to like and share posts when you can. It really helps!

Here's to another 1000...

- AB


The easy answer for the Mets would be Piazza. Worked out pretty well. The Mets just recently re-signed Diaz and I’m pretty excited about that as long as he continues to perform at a high level.


Dec 07, 2022

The Royals have never been big on free agent signings, but the signing of Greinke last year was really nice for nostalgia reasons. I don’t have much for him in the collection, but I may have to change that if he resigns with KC this season!


When the Phils signed Bryce Harper- Looking like it has worked out pretty well!

Most recently Trea Turner-Outcome TBD but really hopeful it works out well Nd am loving the middle infield of Turner and Stott!



Thomas Lacombe
Thomas Lacombe
Dec 06, 2022

I still love the Sox signing Trevor Story. Between moving from CO to MA and having his first kid I think year 2 in Boston will be magic for him!


Dec 05, 2022

Mike Napoli for the Tribe was a great free agent signing (invited to minors), although if we sign Murphy I may have to replace that.

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