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New Breaks, Singles Video, Survey & Giveaway

Hello Everyone! Lots of news to pass along for this week including...New Breaks, New Singles Video, plus a Survey with a Giveaway and lots more! After these two breaks, We'll be doing a June Mega Mixer. Next week we'll have another Bowman Heritage Bundle to check out and I'm thinking of bringing in some Bowman University Best for a Serial Number Break. PLEASE NOTE - I screwed up the graphic for the 2013 Bowman Sterling Break. It's actually set for Tuesday (which I had in the details), but I had the graphic for Monday. If it works out that it arrives today, we should be able to break it tonight. But stayed tuned and know that I screwed up.






LIVE SINGLES VIDEO TONIGHT @ 9EST Join me live as I show off the newest batch of singles that came in from Nick. Lots of prospect autos, numbered cards and more!


NEW SURVEY Fill out the new survey for chance to win (2) boxes of 2023 Topps WBC


CARD SESH Want to check out some of my Random PC Items? Plus I run down the list of players that make up THE CARD SWAP letter sign.


SITE SINGLES Wanna browse some site singles. Buy 2 or more and get 15% off1

Don't forget to check out the filters for teams and card type.


One quick favor to ask. Could you please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you're not already. I'm looking to use the YouTube Channel to really centralize information and videos there. With the ability to make actual posts there, and that's where all the breaks are, it makes sense to use it more often. Maybe even make the main resource down the road. Even if my videos show up on your feed, please double check that you're actually subscribed. You can turn the notifications on and know of videos and new breaks posted. THANK YOU!


Random Manny #1425 - 2012 Topps Chrome Cosmic Refractor. I have the base as well but nothing numbered yet. I'll have to change that!


Someone asked what my favorite Manny was and I don't think I could really pick just one. So here's a current Favorite 7 as of now. This is subject to change by the day.


Variation Quick Guide has been updated with Series 2 and Heritage


Save this link for all browsing as a free way to support The Card Swap


Use code SWAP4LIFE to get 20% off your order!


Thanks so much for reading! Slowly starting to get some help for the site and I'm hoping for some exciting new things to come! - Aaron B


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