High Tek Strikes Again!

Over the last couple weeks, we held two separate High Tek Mixers. Each mixer features 2 boxes each of 2018 Topps High Tek and 2018 Bowman High Tek. We were looking for 12 Autos (got 13), and had some really big hits that came out of both breaks. I think most are familiar with this product, but I really just wanted to show the big hits that came from it. I love High Tek! It always seems to deliver for us. Always so fun to open, and we pulled some big names from both High Tek products over the season. These were no different, they were absolutely packed. We pulled big hits from both products, in both breaks. It wasn't just Autos either, we pulled some nice numbered refractors and diffractors.

Product Recap - Panini Prizm Baseball

Panini released Prizm as a stand alone product for 2019. Last year, it was apart of the Chronicles product that contained about 15 different products. Prizm is a big part of Panini's legacy around the industry. Football and Basketball Prizm products are highly sought after and hold good value. Especially the basketball and rookies. For baseball, that will obviously be challenging without the licensing that allows them to use logos and full team names on the cards. It didn't stop them from trying... In Prizm, the parallels are called "prizms" (think refractors for Topps). They offered 20 different Prizms for each base card. They have their own Blue Wave, Mojo, and Shimmer refractors. They als

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