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Grade the Break - Topps Series 2 Hobby

I am always struggling with finding good topics to right about, well I had an idea yesterday to "Grade the Break" entries after we rip something. Let me know if you like the idea and if there is anything I can add to the entries. More and more breaks are being scheduled, I just hope that I can keep up. Maintaining a frequent has be more of a challenge than I thought.

On June 13th, Topps released series 2 of their flagship Topps product. I was able to have some delivered for the date of release and we ripped two hobby boxes. Here are few notes and highlights about the set and what we got!


* Every team is well represented with base cards and parallels

* Lots of inserts, and large insert sets. Again, each team is well presented

* Affordable

* Lots of packs

* Cool SPs, SSPs, and Legend Variations (a base card, star player is replaced by a legend, these are awesome - trust me)


* One auto OR relic per box (spoiler: we got two relics)

* Torres and Acuna are Short Printed variations only

* Lots of fluff, in the lots of packs

* Limited numbered cards

* Lack of a "sharp" insert set

Overall this was a fun product to break. There are a lot of things that collectors wish Topps would different with their main set, but for the value it is an enjoyable product to open. With a lot of packs, it gives you a lot of chances to get something good, the problem is the insert sets in series 2 haven't been as good as the previous few sets. The Instant Impact insert set was probably the closest but there was nothing special about it. Check out some of our highlights!

Our Best Card

Ronald Acuna Jr Rookie Card Short Print Variation

Our Hits

Both hits were relics. Both hits were Rockies! Arenado Wood Relic numbered 97/99

Some other coolness

Frank Thomas SP Legends Variation. Lance McCullers Black Parallel /67. Alex Cobb Negative Parallel NN



This was fun to break and I think most people that watched the break enjoyed it for the most part. Very disappointing that Torres and Acuna are not in the base set. But the fact that we got the Acuna surely bumped this grade up a full letter. The Frank Thomas Legends Variation was a nice surprise.

Hope you like the new post, let me know what you liked about Topps 2, and what you didn't like. We will be doing 2 boxes of Topps 2 Jumbo on Saturday - Spots still available here! So the next Grade the Break will be on that Jumbo Boxes. Those feature one auto, a relic, and a commerative "relic". Should have different inserts in the jumbos as well. See you Saturday!

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