Grade the Break - 2018 Donruss Optic - 3 Boxes + Bonus

Donruss is back with their Optic product. If you are not familiar, this is the "chrome" version of the Donruss base set. A lot of the cards will look familar as it mimics the base set in a lot of ways. They make little changes and also offer a different run of variations (Variation Guide). Donruss put out a Hot Box that contains either 5 Autos or 20 numbered cards, and for the second break in a row, our first box we cracked was a Hot Box. The major downside to this product is the lack of licensing. If this set had licensing, it might be one of the most popular.


* High Quality Card

* Fun, Easy-to-Spot, and Easy-to-Get Variations

* Lots of colored parallels with numbering

* Legends, Stars, Rookies and Prospects



* Non-Licensed Cards

* Condition - Besides easy smudging, I noticed bad corners, surfacing, and edges.

* Team Distribution was a little off. No A's at all showed up.

I have always enjoyed ripping Optic product, and I have had good luck. This break was no different. This was a lot of fun. Between the Hot Box, all the variations, and really good autos we opened, I am tempted to order more! This is the most overwhelming Grade the Break post yet, simply because there is so much to over. I'll try not to miss anything. Check out some of the highlights! (sorry in advance for the terrible pics, nothing came out at the right angle)