Break Recap - 2019 Mixer

We broke 5 boxes of 2019 Topps/Bowman products on Monday night. This break featured a box of Topps Series 1 Jumbo, 2 boxes of Inception, Gypsy Queen, and Bowman Hobby. We hit some nice autos and lots of nice numbered cards. This break was highlighted by the Lindor and Andujar autos. But was backed up with some other nice hits. The Benintendi GQ is 10/10. It was cool pulling a legend SP missing nameplate in GQ. A nice Madrigal gold refractor /50. Inception was a big highlight in general. Each box delivered well. Thanks to everyone that joined! Lots of new breaks being added - See what's we have coming up here! Added a NEW COLLECTION - SINGLES ON SALE Thanks for reading another Break Recap!

Break Recap - 2019 Bowman

2019 Bowman was released this past week. To start we did 2 PYT breaks. 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Thursday. Each break was 1 box of Jumbo HTA and 1 box of Hobby. This break would feature 4 autos. We were also looking for the refractors, parallels, and shimmers. This product also features beautiful chrome inserts. As the last years of the products, it is broken down into the base set which features stars and rookies. There is also a base prospect paper set and a chrome prospect set. The set is loaded and each pack can be a little different. The clean set is also complimented but a good list of rookies, prospects and 1st Bowman Cards. The highlights are below. Including the most recent editions t

Break Recap - Highlights from Last Week

Hello everyone! There was a couple different breaks that I wanted to share some of the highlights from. There was 6 box mixer that featured 2 boxes from 2017,18 & 19. It gave us a very special hit that went straight to the Hall of Hits. There was also some Inception that hadn't be posted yet. Diamond Kings was also released last week and was a really fun product to open. There is a lot of fun stuff below. Enjoy! I want to start with this Monster. You never know what card will be next in the pack. This was a huge surprise and made a lucky break very happy! This Trout auto is /30 and is perfect (despite the sleeve that shows every piece of dust in the light). Congrats! In addition the beautifu

Break Recap - Lots of Gypsy Queen!

So far, in the 2019 products, it seems that the most complete product was Gypsy Queen. GQ has a nice look this year, the colors seems to pop more than they have in the past. On-card autos look sharp on the vintage style. In addition to the autos, GQ is loaded parallels such as: Bazooka Back, Missing Nameplate, and GQ Logo Swap. They toned it down for the variations this year, and made it tougher to get. This year featured Jackie Robinson Day, 4th of July, and Player's Weekend Variations. Read more about the parallels and Variations here. This set also features Short Printed legends that hit about 1 per box. This set had a little bit of everything and is a good value for the price. A new feat

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