MLB Mixer #13 Recap

Back with another recap. Last night we broke MLB Mixer #13 which featured boxes of Gallery, Gold Label, Topps High Tek, and Bowman's Best. We were looking for 9 autos, and got 10, and the extra one was MONSTER! Take a look at the highlights! (click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery) After cleaning up in the Bowman's Best break, The Nationals killed it again last night. The extra auto we rec'd was the Harper Redemption from High Tek, and there was also Kieboom auto to make the it a great break for the Nats. Most nights, the Monster of the Night would have been the Chipper Jones High Tek Auto, not when it's behind a Harper redemption in the pack!. Some nice prospect autos of Casas and

Bowman's Best Half Case Break Recap

Bowman's Best was a perfect product to rip a half case of. This feature 4 master boxes of Bowman's Best, and it turned out to be the break of the year! Best is a sharp looking product and offers more than just Autos to hunt for. There are numerous inserts, numbered refractors, and atomic refractors to go after. I think of this a Bowman version of Topps Finest. There was a lot of fun stuff that came out of this product. We were calling the Atomic refractors "cracked ice" through out the break but figured out those called Atomic. The base are unnumbered, but the Atomic autos are /25. I really like the graphics they use in the background this year, especially on the inserts. The Best Performers

NFL 4-Box Mixer Recap

My daughter is still sleeping on Christmas, and I already got one recap posted, going to see if I can another one in! On Christmas Eve, we had a 4-Box NFL Mixer that was rescheduled. This break had a couple changes made to it since I posted it. Originally this break was going to feature 4 boxes of retail Absolute, but I switched that out to a hobby box instead. The quality of hits that were coming out of retail were not great, and the hobby boxes deliver a higher end hit. I also had to move this break from Saturday to Monday. Two of the boxes had some unknown delays at the UPS facility and these showed up late. I was not happy about having a break for you guys on Christmas Eve but it was the

MLB Super Mixer Recap

Merry Christmas all! As I wait for my daughter to awaken so we can start our Christmas festivities, I thought I would get this recap posted. It's been on my to-do list for a week but it kept getting pushed to the back. I apologize for the delay. This was the largest break we ever did at The Card Swap and I was shocked at how fast it sold out. I thank everyone for that. This will not be the last Super Mixer. The next one is on the list to be planned for some time in January. This featured 10 MLB Hobby Boxes and we were hunting for 20 autos, we got 21: - 2018 Gallery - 2018 Topps High Tek - 2018 Bowman High Tek - 2018 Archives - 2018 Archives Snapshots -2018 Topps Fire - 2018 Clearly Authentic

Plans for 2019

Hello everyone! I thought this would be a good way to let everyone know some plans for the site in 2019. 2018 was a blur, in the best possible way. The website kept me busier than I ever imagined. A lot of really cool things happened this past year, and I still am shocked at the response to the site. Which brings me to the next purpose of this blog entry... THANK YOU! To everyone that helped me with the site in anyway: for entering a break, buying a single, reading my email blasts, giving me suggestions or feedback, letting me bounce ideas off of you, shouting me out on social media, sending ME cards just to be nice, and so many more and I hope you all know who you are. It's been great getti

Break Recap - Highlights of 2 MLB Breaks

Hello all! I'm back with another weekly recap of breaks. The 12 breaks of Christmas promotion took up all of my time and I am now catching up. We had some real fire in the last wave of breaks I wanted to make sure to show everyone what we cracked open. The last breaks also included our first NBA Break! Those highlights are below as well. Here is what all we broke - 2018 Topps Gallery - 2 Boxes- PYT - 2018 Triple Threads - 1 Boxes - Random Spot - 2018 MLB Mixer #12 - Gold Label, Topps High Tek, Archives Snapshots, Chrome Update - PYT - 2018/19 Certified NBA - 2 Boxes - PYT Take a look at the highlights! (click the gallery to switch to a slider gallery) So many nice cards came out of this last

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